Friday, January 20, 2012

Whole Health Healing

I was only slightly surprised that some speakers at integrative medical conferences, and some writers of whole-body healing, had their start in the chiropractic profession. After all, their skills are often viewed as “alternative” (especially by orthopedic surgeons, in my experience. Admittedly, to me, I was very glad to have such an “alternative” to the back surgery my orthopedist insisted was absolutely necessary!).

People who manipulate the body, whether by an Osteopath (DO—similar to an MD) or a Chiropractor, are immersed in the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Readers of my book and blog know very well that my family uses Integrative medicine for both managing chronic ailments, and natural techniques (such as diet changes, sleep hygiene, exercise, and supplements) for healing. We helped the “mind” by helping the body.

Coming from the chiropractic profession, we have a guest writer who would like to share his view on the use of natural remedies: Dr. Tom Potisk—author of the book “Whole Health Healing” and owner of the website of the same name: Whole Health Healing.