Each of these pieces had special meaning to me while writing this book and reflecting on my children's lives.

I hope you enjoy these - Unwell by Matchbox 20, and Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down.

These are self-explanatory The Moody Blues - "The Story In Your Eyes" and "Eyes of a Child"

I include this one, Carefree Highway by Gordon Lightfoot, mostly because of the haunting phrase "Picking up the pieces of my sweet shattered dream." This phrase often went through my mind when I thought of how my older daughter's life got derailed with illness. As she became well again she had to essentially start over.

You might find this one strange for me to include in this list, but let me explain. Both my kids loved Rainbow Brite songs. They played them so many times my husband nearly pulled his hair out. Who knew I would later find myself singing this one in the shower, in the car, and elsewhere, with tears streaming down my face trying to just make the pain subside. . . trying desperately to feel happier. There's a saying "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." I knew my family needed for me to be happy.
This is the more cheerful Rainbow Brite song which my daughters often sang. It was definitely their favorite Rainbow Brite song.
This last one, a friend (J.R.) introduced me to after I had already published the book. My daughters were moving on with their lives and I appreciated my life. Every time I heard this musical piece, Chieena and I would giddily dance around. The music reflects my current soaring feeling of joy.

Just some random pieces I like...
Loggins and Messina - House at Pooh Corner 
Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
Jethro Tull - Bourée 
Jethro Tull - Bungle in the Jungle
Dido - White Flag
Kiki Di and Elton John - Don't Go Breakin' My Heart
Dan Seals - I'd Really Love To See You Tonight 
Huey Lewis - Stuck with you   (dedicated to G.C.)

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