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I am a mother with a background in science, which has come in handy, since both my daughters were diagnosed with REAL, non-psychological, severe BIOLOGICAL (MEDICAL) problems affecting the brain resulting in psychiatric symptoms that were labeled by diagnoses we consider to be “mental illness.”

Those diagnoses were "bipolar" and a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar (or major depressive disorder), called "schizoaffective disorder".

My daughters no longer have symptoms of those diagnoses, but it took over 13 years to get to where we are now. It has been a long journey, and I hope to share with others some of what we learned along the way. I hope you explore the links to other websites that we have found helpful, look in the link of resources that we have compiled, and check out the page with lists of places that sell commonly needed hypoallergenic supplements.

We also discuss talking to doctors, new research emerging, how to get testing and treatments for REAL problems based within the child's own neuroendocrinology, metabolism, genes, nutritional needs and immune profile causing biologically based (non-psychological) psychiatric symptoms.

I advocate for collaborative, integrative, and integratED medical care which is hard to get, but even harder when the person is labelled with "mental" illness. I am a NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Family-to-Family educator, Family Support Group leader, and recipient of the Family 2011 NAMI Volunteer Excellence award.

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We are "just" regular people blogging, sharing experiences, and commenting here, so nothing on this site is to be taken as medical or legal advice!

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If you are at this website, you probably are already familiar with the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4th edition). Part of the diagnostic criteria for severe mental disorders society refers to as "mental" illness -- such as some depressions, bipolar, schizophrenia and schizoaffective -- is that they cannot be attributed to known medical causes.

But that does not mean a person with symptoms matching the diagnosis does not have medical problems creating those symptoms!!

Remember, even depression is not always a "mental" problem. It can be a symptom of dozens of different medical illnesses, inflammation, immune response, or even the product of genetics and physical environmental factors (epigenetics) that the doctors just don't yet know about.

Biological / MEDICAL problems cannot be found if TESTS are not run.  Sure, not all solutions require tests. Many people find that simply taking some food supplements and a good course of anti-candidals and probiotics to address gut health may be all they need. They are lucky! In that case, part of the biological problem is elucidated by the positive response to the treatment. But even so, it may be helpful to know they should not also get off some foods they may be sensitive to. Or know for sure there isn't some other issues going on that should be addressed (such as low thyroid).

Beware--even if you have "good" medical insurance, some doctors, encouraged by medical insurance companies to NOT RUN TESTS that might shed more light on the biological underpinnings of symptoms being labeled as "mental"--may not run needed batteries of medical TESTS.

This website here is meant to be a little oasis away from the darkness and stigma of ignorance about biological illnesses--those that are NOT psychologically or emotionally based--being called "mental illness."

Our children may have depression, mania, anxiety, "rages", "fits", psychosis and/or more -- but it is NOT due to "psychological" or "emotional" reasons. It is NOT a "behavioral" disorder. It is NOT due to poor parenting, trauma, being spoiled, or being overly disciplined, ignored or abused. They have it because it is simply ILLNESS. 

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We are "just" regular people blogging and commenting here, so nothing on this site is to be taken as medical or legal advice!

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