Monday, March 5, 2012

Audio: Child Hears Voices and Has Tactile, Pain Hallucinations.

An audio excerpt from the book "It's Not Mental"is on Internet radio (Edin Road - 1 March 2012). The excerpt is read by the author, Jeanie Wolfson, followed by a short chat with the host, Jesse Coffey

The author gives a little background, then reads the section about when she and her husband Greg first realized that YES - their wonderful little girl really might indeed have a "mental illness" in spite of the fact they seemed to be in deep denial. She was horribly hallucinating. She was not only hearing things and seeing things, she was feeling things, too! 

The "Voices" were no longer just in her head. She began having more than just audio hallucinations.

Yet even after facing irrefutable evidence she was very sick, you'll see... they still were confused, scared, and grasping for reasons. This excerpt is from The section, "The Brewing Storm" right before, "Hell."  

Their daughter had tactile, olfactory, gustatory, audio, visual, and pain hallucinations - i.e. hallucinations involving most of her senses - of touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight, and the sense of pain.

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Here is PART 2 from  May 2012: Beginning of Hell - Psychosis and Hospitalization

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ɹǝƃƃolquǝʞoʇ said...

You did a great job! We're you nervous?

Jeanie said...

Thank you! And yes, I was nervous - especially before it and right at the start, but then it got better.

Anonymous said...

I'm a retired psychiatric nurse and still remain interested in mental health issues. There is so much that is not known about mental illness (brain disorders), from what causes it, how to successfully treat it, and the impact brain disorders have on both the patient and the family. Jeanie Wolfson's book, "It's Not Mental" puts a human face on this medical issue that is too often ignored by governmental policy makers, health insurance companies and yes, even those in the health professions. Much of the time families are left to fight the battle of helping their sick loved one alone, unfortunately.