Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mood Swings, Hearing and Seeing Things, Anxiety - Interview with Recovered Adults

What is it like to have years of Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and/or Schizophrenia and then recover?  Most people do not even know it is possible to completely recover from what we are told are life-long illnesses, even after the person has been symptomatic for decades.

What is it like to be sick? What therapies help in recovery? What kind of strength does it take to do what is necessary to recover? What kind of support does it take from close family members? What helps while the person is still sick and struggling?

Listen to Helen Woo's radio interview on "Self Aid Success Stories" with the author  of "It's Not Mental" including two daughters who had been diagnosed with multiple "mental" illnesses and went on to recover. 

You can download the mp3 of the recorded show from Self Aid Success Stories here.

Or, listen to it from Helen Woo's radio show site:

For those of you who missed the audio interviews with Jeanie Wolfson on Edin Road Radio (has readings from her book) :
Part 1: Audio: Child Hears Voices and Has Tactile, Pain Hallucinations
Part 2: Beginning of Hell - Psychosis and Hospitalization

Here are three major points you are left to ponder:
  1. Why do we not treat "mental illness" as a REAL, COMPLEX, DIVERSE MEDICAL illness with all the medical testing, collaborative, integrative and integratED medical care any other medical illness deserves? 
  2. According to some, there is no such thing a "misdiagnosis" in the psychiatric profession since all such diagnoses are based on labels from the DSM for a symptom list matching the symptoms seen in the patient at the time. It does not matter if later the patient's symptoms are found to be from a brain tumor, hormone imbalance, food allergies, Celiac, Lyme, Narcolepsy, or hypothalamic or mitochondrial dysfunction. The label is correct at the time given. Psychiatrists must diagnose from the DSM in order to bill insurance! 
  3. The underlying cause(s) of the symptoms will not be determined unless the cause(s) are investigated! 

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Jeanie said...

awsome story!

Jeanie said...

Awsome story! :D

Jeanie said...

awsome story!